This ‘blog exists to inform debate about Cornish literature and to create a platform for that debate, promoting fiction and poetry written by Cornish authors. For further details on that please read our first editorial – Some Thoughts on Cornish Literature.

If you would like to contribute to the ‘blog by writing opinion, news or review pieces then please leave a reply below or else contact me via http://zooarchaeology.co.uk/commercial-work-and-contact.php.  Any replies will be deleted once they have been read and followed up.

If you are an author or publisher and would like to suggest a book for review, an interview or news item then please get in touch in the same way as above.  Please note that if a book is accepted for review then the reviewer’s opinion is their own and will not be altered.


Lee Broderick’s grandmother told him that books were his “best friends” when he was very small; he has loved them ever since.  He grew up in East Cornwall and currently works as an archaeologist, having studied that subject as well as Cornish Studies at university.  He writes but not as much as he reads and has never had any fiction published.  He also speaks some Cornish, but not as much or as well as English.

UntitledPeter Jenkin is a proud Cornishman from Redruth with keen interests in music, poetry, ‘fact’ and fiction.

UntitledDuncan Yeates lives in the shadow of non-embarrassment that he is a not a Cornish Bard. However, he does feel he offers readers the perspective of a relatively young man who strikes a balance between enjoying living in Cornwall but not being solely inspired by it. Duncan has published various pieces of non-fiction and enjoys writing poetry. If you were to meet him in the street, you might think he looked a little like Jim Morrison circa 1970 but he wonders if this is just his wishful thinking as he has long hair and a penchant for Nietzsche’s disregard for humanity’s failings. Together with Abigail Wyatt, he has edited the Murder of Krows poetry anthologies and, as one of the Red River Poets, is a regular live performer. He contributes to Cornish Literature as Lallocropia.

Abigail Wyatt lives between Redruth and Camborne and close to the foot of Carne Brea.  Formerly a teacher at Redruth School, she now writes poetry and short fiction which she is fortunate to have been able to place in a wide range of anthologies, journals and zines.  She has published the collections of verse ‘Moths and Nightjars’ and Old Soldiers, Old Bones and Other Stories‘. She has appeared on Radio, edits the Poetry 24 website and regularly performs her own poetry live along with her fellow Red River Poets. Together with another of those Red River Poets, Duncan Yeates, she has also edited the Murder of Krows poetry anthologies.


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