Mr Foote’s Other Leg by Ian Kelly – review | Books | The Observer

Posted: November 13, 2012 by Lee in book review, new releases

A new biography of arguably Truro’s most famous eighteenth century son; the playwright, impresario and actor Samuel Foote, has just been released. Amongst many notable successes the son of the eponymous mayor of Truro satirised the Cornish gentry in The Knights (1748). A link to The Guardian review can be found below.

Samuel Foote

via Mr Foote's Other Leg by Ian Kelly – review | Books | The Observer.

  1. Pete says:

    Well I never. That’s someone new to me. 😮 Well spotted Lee.

    Curious to see what zakly was in The Knights as a satire of Cornish gentry, here’s the 1787 edition as a Google Book online ( I’ll try to read un (with chagrin when i c 1 of the principal characters’ surname :-z).

    (PS At the mo, this post links to The Guradian – is that a wink at said paper’s former (lack of) proof-reading skills ?? 😉 )

    • Lee says:

      I actually thought I might have read The Knights, but looking through my shelves all I can find is The Adventures of Rozzy Paul and Zacky Martin by John Tabois Tregellas, which is obviously rather different!

      Thanks for the heads-up re. the typo Pete!

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