News Roundup 8/11/12

Posted: November 8, 2012 by Lee in new releases, news
  • Evertype have just published Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, in English and with a separate translation into Cornish by Nicholas Williams.  The translation is in Kernewek Standard, as most of Evertype’s translations have been.  What chances are there that we can stop specifying the orthography for new releases in Cornish in twelve months time?  The “next phase” of standardisation is due in 2013 but I have a horrible feeling that it’s just going to produce yet another iteration of the language.  If it happens, maybe someone will translate The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot into whatever the new system is?
  • On the non-fiction front, Troy Books have just published an updated version of The Cornish Traditional Year by Simon Reed.  Their press release states that “‘The Cornish Traditional Year’ presents an intimate exploration of Cornwall’s distinctive calendar and yearly cycle, that form such an important part of its culture. It is a valuable resource for people with an interest in regional traditional customs and festivals. It is also an ideal companion book to ‘Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways’ in which Gemma Gary touches on some of the better known Cornish festivals; such as Helston’s ‘Flora Day’ and the Padstow ‘Obby ‘Oss. In ‘The Cornish Traditional Year’, Simon guides the reader through these famous festivals along with the numerous lesser known, and sometimes bizarre customs, feasts and festivals of the Cornish Traditional year. The new revised edition is available in both paperback and hardback editions.”  Meanwhile, Cornish Studies 20, from University of Exeter Press seems to be suffering the now traditional publication limbo after failing to appear for sale at the end of October.  I seem to remember it was January before Cornish Studies 19 (and 18, and 17…) finally made its bow after a similar projected late October publication date.
  • Readers interested in music as well as literature might like to have a listen to Richard Trethewey’s debut album, out this week.  I included a short review of it in a small feature on Cornish music here.
  • Finally, if anyone missed the announcement earlier this week, Cornish-born author Nick Harkaway will be participating in a live video interview on GoodReads on November 12th.  Members of the books-oriented social network may be interested to know that I’ve also recently created a list of Holyer an Gof award winners and nominees on the site.  It’s far from complete but at least gives more information than the awards’ own website does!
  1. Pete says:

    Cheers for this roundup Lee 🙂

  2. Lee says:

    My pleasure. More when there is any (that I know of)! I could probably have added that Cornish Studies 20 is to be a festschrift for the recently retired Bernard Deacon.

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