News Roundup

Posted: November 1, 2012 by Lee in news
  • Duncan Yeates has just released Lallocropia 3; regular readers may remember Pete’s sumptuous review of Lallocropia 1 & 2 for Cornish Literature earlier this year.  Like those earlier works, Lallocropia 3 takes the form ofa page of A4 folded into quarters which usually contains one poem and one prose poem or short story.  The pamphlet is available for free (and what true Cornishman could deny that as a fair price in the recession?) from The Melting Pot, Redruth Bookshop, The Poly in Falmouth and Jamm music shop.  Duncan has also kindly offered to post copies to those unable to find them through those channels: just send your details to  Duncan aims to publish Lallocropia as a pamphlet periodical, coming out four times a year, with every fourth volume featuring contributions from other writers.  With the fourth Lallocropia volume promised for later this year he would like to encourage anybody interested in contributing to contact him at the same email address.
  • Catching up on events over the summer I noticed that we somehow completely forgot to mention the Holyer an Gof awards when the winners were announced back in July, occurring as they did in the midst of different difficulties for each of our writers here.  A full list of winners and nominees can be found at the awards website (either click above or else the link on the sidebar) but I’d like to particularly congratulate Simon Parker on seeing off competition from writers backed by major publishers to win the ‘Adult Fiction’ category (that sounds far more smutty than it should) with his novella Solid.  I was very impressed with Solid when I read it earlier this year and I’d urge anyone who has not done so yet to try and hunt down a copy (if you can’t find it in the shops a link to Scryfa, the publishers, is in the sidebar here): the Cornish Literature review can be found here.  The winner of the overall literary prize (as I interpret the awards) is Jane Dark’s autobiography Held by the Sea, curiously not winning the category it was nominated in (which surely demonstrates the idiosyncrasies of awards judging panels).
  • Finally, those in the St. Ives area who fancy an evening out might be interested to hear that there’s a poetry night this evening at Cafe Frug  in St Ives.  The inexhaustible Duncan Yeates will be attending and has also offered to write a review of the event as he joins the Cornish Literature team as our newest writer.  Welcome aboard Duncan!
  1. Pete says:

    That’s brilliant news Lee. 🙂 Thank you for this roundup including those Holyer an Gof awards. (Hopefully next year we’ll have enough people on the blog to cover the summer season Cornish literary festivals and awards – that’d be great.) If I may, NB also something historic highlighted in those Holyer an Gof awards : publisher Evertype and translator Nicholas Williams (and proof-reader Ray Chubb of Spyrys a Gernow) were honoured for producing the first ever complete Bible translation (66 books*) in Cornish (Kernowek Standard spelling, in 2011).

    And hi Duncan, welcome from me also – great that you’re onboard, thanks for leaping on and looking forward to working with you :-). There’s good stuff in Lallocropia, will think about offering something towards it (and/or maybe something to Cornish Lit too 😉 ).

    *unless it also has the Apocrypha, which I don’t think this one has (yet).

    • Lee says:

      Thanks for flagging that Pete: a momentous achievement indeed (although it’s worth noting debate has raged in the pages of ‘Cornish Studies’ for one, as to whether there may have been a Cornish translation of the Bible written in the reign of Queen Mary).

      Full coverage of the various festivals and awards would be great to have at some point; it’s something I’ve hoped for from day one here.

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