Alive and Kicking

Posted: October 21, 2012 by Lee in editorial, news

It’s been a long, long, summer (stretching well into the autumn, as a glance outside tells me).  I have returned from the wilderness to that sure sign of the twenty-first century, a mountain of digital as well as physical work to accomplish.  I’m only too aware that, despite the valiant efforts of Pete, Cornish Literature has ailed somewhat in my absence.  I’m determined that its suffering should not be fatal, however, and will soon begin to add a fresh batch of Cornish literature reviews and other news here again: as usual, interested contributors are strongly encouraged to contact me – only an enthusiastic group of people can ever hope to make this website a self-sustaining and dynamic community; over-reliance on one or two individuals will always result in any amateur enterprise failing.

On the subject of news, a quick piece for you now: in my absence, Alan Kent’s Trelawny Trilogy has been released for the Kindle.  Many readers may know only too well that second hand copies of the original paperbacks had reached ludicrous prices so it’s to be hoped that this move may make them more widely available again (if you have an eReader other than a Kindle there are ways to convert the files; just search online).  Cornish Literature reviews of the first two books in the trilogy can be found here:

Proper Job, Charlie Curnow!

Electric Pastyland

The books can be purchased through Amazon by clicking on the images below:

  1. infida says:

    Welcome back.

    Pete did a fantastic job while you were away and he did try to persuade me to review a book so you never know. 🙂

    One of my books is selling for an absurd price too! Some American dude is offering it for £150! I must scrabble about under the bed to find my spare, unsold copies!! Fame and fortune beckons . . . . on the other hand – maybe not. 😦

    • Lee says:

      Thanks infida – I’m trying to catch up on Pete’s posts now.

      That is a lot of money, maybe you can offer a signed copy for £160! It would be great if you could write something for us.

      • infida says:

        The review Pete wanted me to do is not on a modern book and I don’t think Pete was too impressed with the story but, as it is one of my favourites, I might bestir myself and get around to writing a review but as I’m busily turning procrastination into an art form don’t hold your breath. Anyway, I’m sure there are many more able people than me out there – I mention no names but toadeating is another of my specialities – who would do a far better job than me!

  2. Lee says:

    Different perspectives are a healthy thing infida! I’m only too familiar with procrastination myself but I hope you do get around to it.

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