Request for topic suggestions

Posted: June 20, 2012 by Peter J in editorial, news, poetry
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I’m looking forward to handing over the helm of Cornish Lit blog soon after Lee gets back online, end of June hopefully, for one thing because it’ll be splendid and, frankly, braer excitin’ yow to see what fresh ideas other contributors will bring.

Even if you’re not thinking of getting an invite to contribute, have a think about, or better still pop a comment in, about what you’d like to see on Cornish Lit blog.

For example, things which have occurred to me (mostly practical things to help contemporary writers in Cornwall), that I’d 4 1 like to see some articles on, include:-

  • how to proof-read dialect (and whether and how to write / render it)
  • how to proof-read (& spell check) Kernewek and accommodating orthographies – what and how do other languages without spell-checkers manage – the challenge and benefits of developing automated grammar and spell-checking for minority languages (e.g. Welsh)
  • past and likely present publishers of books featuring Cornwall or written in Cornwall – histories and features of these publishers – also self-publishing method comparisons and case studies (with reference to Cornwall where possible)

. . . these leave still fresh and untrodden the fields of poetry, “classics”, mashups with other media, composition techniques, . . .

What else would you like to see on Cornish Lit blog ?

Please pop your ideas on a postcard  . . . or better still post ’em in the comments or make ready to use them when you’re a contributor ! 🙂

Off topic, but V important – tonight starting from 7:30 at the Farmers Arms, Causeway, Penzance is the latest Be Spoken Word event, featuring poetry performance – free entry, lots of of poems, also stories, jokes & other spoken word ! Hopefully we’ll be able to feature a report (all event debriefs are welcome, as comments or other contacts) but even I’ll be kinda incommunicado for a few days, so unless Lee or Dawn can pitch in 🙂 that’ll probly be in the weekend roundup. Enjoy !

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