Classic Novels of Cornwall

Posted: June 13, 2012 by Peter J in feature, fiction
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As part of Cornish literature, the Cornish Lit blog’s remit includes a review of Cornish literature from some time ago. On account of the period from now back to ‘some time ago’ being a pretty long period of time, there are, naturally, quite a lot of books that could be reviewed.

If we concentrate on literature produced in the past couple of centuries (say 19th to 20th centuries), as being the period of time most directly influencing how the world, for better or worse, presently perceives Cornwall, we can call that classic Cornish literature (although that category excludes a deal of literature arguably much more deserving of the title classic). It’s probably not too hazardous a guess that the majority of this material will be novels: fiction of a long-ish word count, and therefore the very Charles Dickens to summarise.


The website Cornwall Calling has a hot list of such novels set in Cornwall.

Wikipedia (donchajustluvem) has a go at such a catalogue too. 🙂

But a promising blog for classic Cornish novel reviews is ‘Fleur Fisher in her world‘ , where Fleur has pledged to try reviewing as many of same as possible in her Reading Cornwall project. Good on you Fleur ! Probably she could use some co-blogging volunteers, in what sounds like a useful literary project. In fact if you use Fleur’s blog-tag “reading-cornwall ” ( you can keep up to date with her list, of same, straightaway. Proper job.

Now could we have a list of Cornish novels by genre? Historical pre-19th C, 19th Century e.g. Hockings, Bray, Pearse, 20th Century e.g. Du M, Clemo, contemporary crime, melodrama, theological, environmental ? 😉

[Duck – vanish.]

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