Red River runs through it

Posted: June 11, 2012 by Peter J in feature, news, poetry
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The Red River Poets (Abigail Wyatt, Craig Taylor-Broad and Duncan Yeates), all based around the tin belt of Camborne-Pool-Redruth, have been very supportive of the Cornish Literature blog and also as a collective they have their own Facebook web page. Cornish Lit recommends you go take a look and see what they’re thinkin’, what they’re sayin’ and what they’re doin’ of ! 🙂

Upcoming times, dates and places for the Red River Poets’ spoken word include:

Some of you may have read Duncan Yeates’ first brief poetry pamphlet “Lallocropia” but the chances are you haven’t. Taking his obsession with the obscurity of Thomas Chatterton too far, he only photocopied about 40 and gave most of them to his friends. The remainder he hid in books in Redruth Library, considering them a “literary surprise” for unsuspecting readers.

Duncan has now produced a second pamphlet, oddly entitled: “Lallocropia 2” which he intends to distribute on a somewhat grander scale. Again, this contains some new poetry and prose which he has not yet performed live. If you would like to receive a copy for free, please e-mail him your address at: Do not concern yourself with postage as he considers your interest worth the price of a second class stamp. Reviews of Duncan’s Lallocropia and Lallocropia 2 will follow drekly on Cornish Lit. A further foil to obscurity will be Duncan’s interview with Sue Farmer on Redruth Radio, 15:30-16:30 this Friday 15th June.

Craig Taylor-Broad meanwhile has produced his disturbingly eloquent themed anthology In Absence of Clear Conscience, available in electronic and print formats. It’s reviewed here on Cornish Lit. Is it good ? It is very good, and stunningly imaginative, and it left at least 1 reader severely conflicted around inanimate objects. 🙂 More news on Craig’s productions as available.

Abigail Wyatt has published Moths and Nightjars , an anthology of her contributions to prose and poetry journals – collected from entries to sites such as poetry24 and myriad prose e-zines, the book aggregates Abigail’s talent with sharply topical and principled verse and account, in humorous and serious modes. In addition is her forthcoming collection of poems and atmospheric short tales: Old Soldiers, Old Bones, published by One Million Stories. CL blog suspects Abigail of being the enigmatic genius behind the RRP facebook site and hopes to cover her books, slightly later than drekly, but still in the near future.

In case you missed it, Red River Poets – providing a poetic pulse in the heart of Cornwall: live dates above and collected works in print.

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