Mappa Kammbronn

Posted: June 4, 2012 by Peter J in feature, non-fiction, technology/industry
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The new Camborne town trail map has been completed, and is soon to be made available. Speakers of Cornish pitched in to help enrich the map’s content.

Bearing in mind Camborne’s role, along with its illustrious industrial heritage, as one of the centres of Cornish language revival (such as, for some time, in Mount Pleasant House, a course led by bardic language tutor E.G. Retallack-Hooper), the map’s text includes plenty of useful Kernewek vocabulary, Rosetta stone-style, and is beautifully illustrated. It also includes references to Bewnans Meriasek, the medieval miracle play in Kernewek about the life of the saint associated with Camborne (also known as Meriadoc, after whom the local primary school is named), along with locations in Brittany (and whose name was, perhaps, recycled for Meriadoc Brandybuck by Tolkien’s LotR ;-)).

News of other Kernewek literature efforts will be found in the Cornish language partnership Maga’s news web page.

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