Red River Poets – the trio of Abigail Wyatt, Craig Taylor-Broad and Duncan Yeates, will be performing on Sunday June 3rd, 11:30 am, at the totem circle, which is smack-bang in the middle of Heartlands (here’s where it is), surrounded by art galleries, cafes, play areas and bold-as-brass history. You’ve read them here on Cornish Lit this week. I’ve heard them. It will, I promise you, be good. 🙂

While you’re at Heartlands, you can of course browse the Heartlands World Heritage Site’s impressive historic-industrial displays and interpretations, for both passers-by and those happy sufferers from what Alan Kent calls “30 inch cylinder syndrome” . . .

East Pool – very near Heartlands

. . . the fortunate victims of which might also be interested to know . . .

. . . Veteran writer, photographer and archivist of Cornwall’s long and fascinating history of railwayana (from at least Trevithick, onwards), John Vaughan will be signing copies of his latest, and final, book thereon, Cornish Railways, at the Cornwall Centre/Kresenn Kernow in Redruth on Tuesday 19th June 2-4pm. An exhibition, ‘Discovering Diesels‘, of part of his personal archive, all of which he previously donated to the Cornish Studies Library, will run from Saturday 16th June (Murdoch day) to Saturday 30th June.

Author and established social commentator Jessica Mann is holding a talk at Waterstones in Truro on Thursday 7th June, on her new book about ’50s Britain. The day after that (which would seem to be Friday 8th June), Truro library sees events in the Fal River Festival’s poetry day, including morning (for children) and afternoon (grown-ups’) poetry workshops led by Patricia Finney.

Orion (the same publisher, owned by French media empire Hachette, as that releasing The Cornish House by Liz Fenwick on June 24th) has contracted to publish The Obituary Writer by Lauren St John. Lauren’s prior work includes Blue Peter-recommended children’s novel Deadman’s Cove, which partly used St Ives as a setting  (her other children’s fiction has mostly been in African settings). Not dissimilar to the theme of The Cornish House, The Obituary Writer features Cornwall as refuge from personal troubles – the refugee in question being a survivor of a railway disaster. (This might actually be somewhat appropriate, as I think no ticketed railway passenger has died as a result of a railway accident in Cornwall – will check –  John Vaughan would know).

The Charles Causley literary festival at Launceston/lanson/Lanstefan is on June 1-6. There is a Charles Causley essay competition for 6th form 16-19 year olds – the closing date’s Monday 24th September.

BTW, Gorseth/Gorsedh Kernow‘s writing competitions’ closing date for entries 2012 was in April – twas remiss of me to miss that, hopefully someone or something will prod or compensate for my leaky memory when the next such event’s due :-). The winners of junior and adult classes for music, prose and poetry will be announced in August.

From younger to older folks, Cornwall Council’s Age and Ambition project for 2012 will soon be starting in various locations, initiating creative writing and arts for the over-50s. We hope to have more info on this as the project develops (cheers to T Johns for the tip).

And from Polson bridge, zooming westward, right along the A30 through Kernow: Gabrielle Hawks and Frankie Webb have written, illustrated and produced Between the Ocean and the Sky, a book for children, at the Turn of the Tide studio in St Just, where they’ll be signing and reading ubm next week.

I gather there’s some sort of royal fandango going on next week, well-earned time off for most of us, after some sort of farce last week with torches and Cornish writing being painted over and flags being snatched and stuff like that which left me likewise nonplussed; well, tis all beyond me. However, depending on which way your cookie crumbles, if at all, you might like to peruse this recipe book foreworded by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall for her native village, or this scream of consciousness from activist and journalist Charlie Veitch in Camelford. Enjoy 😉 .

Any other news of poetry, prose, or events literary – please drop it in a  comment on Cornish Lit, here, there or anywhere and we’ll see that it’s posted. Have a good long weekend :-).

PS – don’t forget yow ! Red River Poets at Heartlands, Sunday 11:30

RRP next feature at The Farmers Arms, Penzance on 20th June, for the BeSpoken Word event.

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