Craig Taylor-Broad: A Wedding Kiss

Posted: May 31, 2012 by Peter J in feature, poetry
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I wouldn't want to be
 in the animal enclosure
 watching the lions skulk
 below a conspiracy of grass
 while antelopes collude
 to a false sense of security
 hop, skip, and jumping
 below the horizon of their mothers watchful eye,

I wouldn't want to be
 in the animal enclosure
 as the lions pounce
 like grasshoppers into our skyline
 bounding onto the young
 tired impressionable innocent flesh
 with a dull thump
 that leaves a puddle of a bruise on my very ears,

so why do you think
 that I would want to watch you
 in the very public eye, tearing flesh
 from a young girls bottom lip
 until I can see that she had pizza for tea
 and pulling at her skirt until the only imagination I have left
 are the noises she may make as she orgasms.

A kiss in public should not be
 like a kiss in private, but like a wedding kiss
 because a kiss is not an undressed caress
 but a commitment
 that even when the passion may have gone
 you will still be
 right here -
 next to me.

Craig Taylor-Broad was born and educated in the industrial heart of Cornwall, UK. As a young man who has grown into adulthood against a background of economic decline it is no surprise that his approach to his work should be as questioning as his poetry is ‘edgy’, ‘restless’, ‘dark’, ‘quirky’ and ‘uncompromising’. Craig Taylor-Broad has been published in a variety of publications including ‘The Big Issue‘ and often performs his work at various venues throughout Cornwall. His poetry pamphlet, In Absence of Clear Conscience, is currently available via and you can also follow his work via

A review of Craig’s poetry collection, In Absence of Clear Conscience, will follow on Cornish Lit. Craig is one of the founding trio of Red River Poets, who will be reciting at Heartlands on this coming Sunday June 3rd, starting 11:30.

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