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Posted: May 16, 2012 by Peter J in news
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The foxy folks at Vulpes Libris have reviewed a study of Alfred Wallis, atypical (NB not a typical) St Ives art scene participant.

Some new books are being published by Alison Hodge Publishers, a publisher in west Cornwall, including Art in Cornwall (NB, strikingly, not Cornish Art).

Alison Hodge is, so far’s I’m aware, no relation to Pol Hodge presumably, whose work Scryfa/Giss On has published.

Still on artists in Cornwall, “The Cornish House“, a new novel by Liz Fenwick, features a crumbling, neglected and historic dwelling in Cornwall, Trevenen house, inherited by an artist – who hopes that the involvement and rewards and travails of life therein will help sort out some of her family’s problems of existence. This book is now in the process of being released, interestingly with signing sessions in Dubai and London. EDIT: Liz has kindly advised us of some signing dates & venues in Cornwall for her debut novel:- firstly is 31st May in Launceston for the Charles Causley Festival, then 1st June at Falmouth Booksellers and the 2nd June at Waterstones Truro, followed by …a talk at St Ives library on the 5th of June 7PM, then Penzance Literary Festival 27th July at 2PM, St Ives Festival 12th September 3PM.  (I hope this house isn’t meant as a metaphor for Cornwall – a more apt simile would be an engine house built on a lan, scat down and replaced by an overcrowded, insolvent brummy-run B&B, with graffiti’d obscenities adorning the walls and a garden full of crumpled Carlsberg cans. 😉 Authors, apply here for rights to this idea.)

Lastly, a bookshop in Penzance has changed ownership. Good luck to ’em.

  1. lizfenwick says:

    Thanks for mentioning The Cornish House! And for this site…fantastic idea.

    There are signings coming up in Cornwall too 😉 First is 31st May in Launceston for the Charles Causely Festival, 1st June at Falmouth Booksellers and the 2nd June at Waterstones Truro…Library talk at St Ives on the 5th of June 7PM…

    Liz (my life is divided between Dubai, London and Cornwall…but my heart is wholly in Cornwall!)

    • Pete says:

      Good news, thanks for checking in and clueing us in on the signings info Liz; good to see those Cornish dates & locations (I’ll update the page with them). And best wishes with your debut novel, we look forward to good reviews for it (feel free to comment in with more info). Drekly we might get round to asking authors for interviews/questionnaires and so forth; please let us know if you’d be interested in participating.

      Credit to Lee for the Cornish Lit site idea 🙂 If you spread the word, so to speak, re Cornish Lit, that’d be much appreciated – always seeking new material & contributors !

  2. […] (the same publisher, owned by French media empire Hachette, as that releasing The Cornish House by Liz Fenwick on June 24th) has contracted to publish The Obituary Writer by Lauren St John. […]

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