Something for a sunnier weekend

Posted: May 11, 2012 by Peter J in feature, fiction
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P’raps at this point we’d better ask gentle readers and fellow contributors not to fret if Cornish Lit’s posts are few and far between to begin. Lee’s frequently out of range of the internet (on this planet ? I hear you ask in shocked surprise) and the rest of us contributors are finding our feet and thinking up what best to write. So fear not, quality not quantity’s our aim.

Now that said . . . we’re still on the lookout for contributors to Cornish Lit – any time you feel like it, drop us a line or plonk a comment in, and Lee will see to making it possible for you to post. Not that there’ll be any commitment to come up with material.

For a sunny weekend for all of us, including those sad cases among us who prefer to plough our noses through books rather than mingle in Cornish celebrations, here’s a video from Will Coleman (hat-tip to CR, as often, for news of such features.) Perhaps, from his lookout on Bodmin moor, Will can see Kernow nigh on end-to-end: perhaps that gave the idea for this video. ‘cos stitched together from countless sunlit festivals across the land (well, can you count them ?), Will brings us a tall tale that crosses Cornwall with a serendipit..serdentip…sendirt…srennnit….. – with a tumble 🙂 . Summer can’t be far away.

Will also writes educational books, as well as learning materials and fiction in both Cornish and English. His book Tales from Porth looks intriguing.

The video’s made by Awen productions of Penzance. They also recently produced Tamara and, amongst many others, the bryntyn Skynt: an Ilowek (of which more hopefully anon ??).

So there we are, literature tumbling into film.

Speaking of literature, if you know of any Cornish authors or books being written about Cornwall, and you’d like to see them discussed – please, by hook or crook get in touch with us at Cornish Lit because we’d like to review them here ! Also we’d like to post up interviews with authors, to spread out a better picture of the ideas behind the new Cornish books.

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