Would You Like to Write for Cornish Literature?

Posted: April 23, 2012 by Lee in editorial


I am lucky enough to have a job that I enjoy.  It does mean, however, that I spend several months of the year away from a reliable internet connection.  That presents an obvious problem for an activity such as running an online literary ‘blog.

In the short time that Cornish Literature has been in existence we have already begun to attract readers from throughout Cornwall and, indeed, across the rest of the world.  Looking at the site statistics we have regular visitors from what (I assume) is the Cornish diaspora in Australia and the USA.  We have also begun to foster an online community, something which remains a key aim of Cornish Literature, with a couple of regular posters in the comments sections.  I’m very grateful for their input and participation which help to make me see things in a different way and to provide the discussions which make the enterprise worthwhile and enjoyable.

Even without my work commitments, it would probably always have been my intention to try and develop the community by having several regular writers and contributors other than myself.  Like the comments sections, having different opinions and perspectives can only be a strength in developing a dynamic and intelligent online community.  With those commitments though, the need for regular contributors beyond myself is made more urgent.

If you would like to write for Cornish Literature then please get in touch.

  1. Peter Jenkin says:

    Hi Lee,

    Yes, but ……. I’d like to help tho’ I’m not feeling up to it right now. But if not now then maybe drekly ! I read through Electric Pastyland, for example, and I’ve got some notes on it somewhere (including – yes ! – typos – yawn !! 🙂 ). Would be great to see a variety of reviewers – here’s hoping.

    Way I see it: Cornish literature is alive but not being published at a huge pace, even if there is a fairly huge backlog to catch up with on this site. So no problem if the Cornish Lit blog goes at a gentle pace. Tis not as if keeping up with the state of the art need go at breakneck speed ! Guess articles could even be pre-written & posted in advance. You started mining this lode – full credit for that. If we can keep chipping away now and then, no hurry, please do.

    Enjoy your offline & incommunicado time !

  2. Dawn Robinson-Walsh says:

    I’m not Cornish, but I do enjoy both reading and writing, and work as Freelance Community Publisher for Bude People (which is in Cornwall, just about, though we’re about as far from the political centre as you can get!) So, happy to help if I can. What would it entail?

  3. Lee says:

    Peter and Dawn, please accept my apologies for the tardiness of my reply – you can see why I need help! I shall email you both directly.

  4. Peter Jenkin says:

    @ Dawn, that’s great – good to hear you’ll be helping from the north & east where there were and are and might yet be many excellent writers.

    @ Lee, thanks for the invite – when I get around to it I’ll set up a wordpress account so’s to be able to assist when & if. Thumbs up again as usual !

    @ anyone else, now we could do with some helpers from the west and south of Cornwall …

  5. Tim Saunders says:

    Be delighted [aaarrrrgggghhhhh!] to contribute.

    • Peter Jenkin says:

      Hi Tim, that would be great – you’re superbly qualified to help out, though I understand your [qualified] enthusiasm to pitch in ! It’s pretty easy to write up & publish posts; please drop Lee or myself a line if we can help. Many thanks !

      It slipped my mind previously, but of course Cornish expats, and anyone interested in Cornish literature and culture but presently outside Cornwall, are all welcome to participate.

      I think that, as blog founder, Lee’s the only one who can issue wordpress invitations – no doubt one will be coming your way shortly.

  6. I am interested. Do you have any particular written projects in mind? Are there any guidelines? am pretty sure that both Craig and Duncan will have some interest also. I have shared to Facebook and will talk to Duncan on Monday.

    • Pete says:

      Hello Abigail,

      Briefly speaking (temporarily) for Lee, and apologies for replying late, but many thanks for replying to this post and enquiring. Having seen your organisation at the Melting Pot I’d be delighted if you were able to get involved. Duncan and Craig’s input, likewise, would be very welcome. I think that Lee and Cornish Lit readers like myself have small features in mind, but would be pleased and interested to see these or other ideas and projects put into practice.

      There are no contributors’ guidelines as yet but probably a mix of reviews, news, features (as featured so far), essays, excerpts or excisions from published or unpublished works, &c would be good content. Rule of thumb: anything impartial which examines or promotes Cornish Literature(written interestingly), I’d say.

      I think only Lee can issue electronic invites to contribute to Cornish Lit, I would if I could, but he’s often incommunicado from the internet, so if you’ve not had an invite yet, please hang on and you soon should.

      🙂 Thank you also for sharing to Facebook, a lot of people have noticed Cornish Lit because of that !

    • Pete says:

      Just a few more thoughts:

      • Contributors ought not to post their own material, at least should be sparing in doing so. If however another contributor ‘seconds’ them by posting their material, with or without introduction, that’d be fine (no conflict of interest).
      • Not too much copy & paste from uncredited other sources (plagiarism 😦 not good of course!).
      • Linking relevant web pages via hypertexts is good – not on every other word, but plenty of links in a post is better than none.
      • Try to keep posts at no more than about 500 words – after that, please use the “insert More tag” button to keep posts’ lengths fairly regular
      • There’s a discussion feature on WordPress which looks like it could be handy for collaborative posting

      All these are suggestions, open to discussion.
      All the best,

    • Pete says:

      PS Also:

      • All posts should contain a least a clue in English as to their gist, even if written substantially in Cornish/Kernewek. (Or, conceivably, in some other language.)
      • When writing in Kernewek, any form of orthography (kemmyn, SWF, unified, &c) used by the post’s contributor is admissible, and ought not to be sniped at. Ditto of course for comments to that post.
          Again, these are just suggestions, up for discussion.

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